Walks: The Goat Walk, Topsham

Looking for a circular walk that’s got a bit of everything? The Goat Walk, Topsham takes in all the different elements of Topsham and wraps it up in a loop that’s perfect for little legs, pushchairs and those looking for a simple stroll. This walk takes in the Topsham Goat Walk and includes a walk back through the nature reserve (or a side loop for those with dogs). It’s great to do in any weather thanks to the majority of it being on roads and paved pathways.

The Goat Walk, Topsham

To start the walk, park in Topsham near the quayside. If you can find a space, there’s parking right on the quayside itself but it’s limited so if you need to park further out, the Holman Way Car Park will work just as well. If you’re not at the quayside, make your way toward it by turning out of Holman Way Car Park and turning left to follow the road toward the quay. To start the walk, head out of the quay carpark along the road that runs along the front of it, to the left if you’re looking out toward the water, it’s called ‘Strand’. The road is a fairly quiet residential street that takes you past the museum on your left as you walk – it’s well worth a little peek through the gates if you get the chance. Continue on ahead until you can’t go any further thanks to the water; you’ve reached the Goat Walk!

The Goat Walk itself is a narrow path laid directly into the edge of the waterside. Whilst it doesn’t go underwater, the water will be close around high tides and there’s no rail so you’ll want to hold on tight to any little ones. With lots of seating along the path it’s a great place to sit and have a picnic or take in the beautiful views.

At the end of the Goat Walk, turn left and follow the road again; ‘Bowling Green Road’. You’ll see an entrance to a nature walk on the left which isn’t dog friendly, or one slightly further along that is. As we had our dog with us on this adventure, we took the dog friendly field – perfect for running her out or just letting little legs have a race around. Pop back out of the field slightly further along ‘Bowling Green Road’. Continue along here and you’ll see the nature reserve on your right hand side which is beautiful.

You’ll walk up a slight hill and then meet a T junction where the road you’re on meets another. Take the left hand fork down Monmouth Street and follow this. At the end of Monmouth Street, a right hand turn down a beautifully narrow street will bring you back to the quayside carpark. After all that why not treat yourself to a drink in the pub on the quay, The Lighter Inn, before heading home?

Is It Pushchair Friendly?

The Goat Walk loop is all pushchair and wheelchair friendly, providing you follow the roads. If you choose to cut off after the Goat Walk into one of the fields mentioned, these are less accessible but the dog field did have a compacted soil path which would be fine with a pushchair. If this is an issue, just continue along Bowling Green Road instead.

How Long Is The Walk?

The Goat Walk loop is approximately 2.2km long

What Else Is There To Do?

Topsham is a beautiful place for exploring, even if that’s just wandering around the streets. We recommend stopping for a drink at The Lighter Inn on the quayside or heading back slightly further in land to Darts Farm for food and a play in the play park – it’s well worth a visit. There are plenty of longer walks that can be combined with this short loop, including ones that run out along the waters edge toward Exmouth. From Topsham you can also walk in toward Exeter itself or catch a train if you want to go that little bit faster.

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